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Social Media Marketing

Effective social media managing

Being able to manage social media effectively is by now an unavoidable aspect of communication for any company or freelancer who wishes to sponsor their services. Today, we count as many as 31 million Italians on Facebook, 19 on Instagram, 12 on LinkedIn and 2.4 on TikTok.

By opening up new investment and visibility opportunities, social network has indeed revolutionized the world of communication. This is relevant as much for small businesses as it is for big corporations.

These platforms are the meeting places of users online. There, they can start conversations but they can also find new products, flaunt their wishes and get influenced in their consumption of various goods.

Being able to manage a Facebook page or an Instagram business profile correctly represents a huge opportunity for a company to let potential, new, targeted clients get to know them.

Social network will always focus on communication. The promotional message needs always to be conveyed in an effective manner. The content it proposes must always be interesting, engaging and aimed to create a sense of fidelity in its users. We need to keep asking ourselves why should anyone be interested in following our profile? Would I want to do it?

Whether it’s a Facebook or an Instagram post, these contents must always be designed in order to captivate the audience and represent a real asset for a company.

The importance of social media strategy

Are you really sure that I can’t manage my own social media? My last Instagram picture got 100 likes!

Social network is a really powerful tool. However, just like with any other tool, it needs to be put in the hands of professionals who are trained specifically to take advantage of it in the best way possible.

Private and business profiles are meant for two completely different things on social media. Just like one swallow does not make a summer, one successful social media post is totally useless unless it’s part of a strategy designed to last in the long run.

Without such a strategy, there’s a high risk – or, better still, a certainty – to publish amateurish, ineffective, and even harmful posts.

Any successful social media management must be prefaced by a careful and in-depth analysis of the reference framework and of all potential competitors. This way one can identify the target audience, which content to focus on and how to convey it to the public in an enticing manner.

Any content within a social media strategy is specifically designed to:

  • Tell a story about a brand, a freelancer or a company by reinforcing (or creating) its own Brand Identity
  • Raise the Brand awareness and the users’ loyalty to it
  • Engage the final user
  • Address a target audience and sensitize it to a given product or a service in order to turn users into clients
  • Cultivate the client’s loyalty by answering their questions and encouraging the birth of an involved community

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