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Brand Image

Designing a brand with its corporate visual identity and advertising campaign means to define the “personality” of a company or a product in comparison to its competitors.

The brand’s image represents the union of all the tools required to broadcast said image to the outside. These tools are the brand’s logo, the corporate visual identity, catalogues, packaging, advertisement, press office and of course the website. Every one of these elements is closely analyzed in order to create a unique style, which is impactful and coherent with the mission statement, all while being easy to memorize.

Logo design

Designing a professional looking logo requires time, skills and competence. The logo represents the face of your company, the visual element that encloses and conveys your company’s values and its philosophy.

A professional looking and successful logo is unique, captivating and recognizable at a glance even at a distance. It also has to be easily modifiable so that it can be made to fit into different formats and backings, and it be effective even in black and white.


Living in an era made of visual communication, it’s necessary to focus on the image that a company wants to convey to its public.

To present oneself in the most effective manner is of paramount importance for any company. No matter the means it may choose to communicate with its user, the visual one will always be one fundamental aspect of communication itself.

Digital printing

Digital printing allows to reproduce the most elaborate and complex documents straight from a computer, with no special equipment and quick timing.

Speed and immediacy are two of our strengths and they’re always guaranteed thanks to our state-of-the-art printers, which are located in our labs making it unnecessary to commission third parties.

Offset printing

Offset printing is an indirect planographic printing process that utilizes a flat image carrier – often used in photo lithography – and it’s based on the chemical phenomenon of repulsion of oil and water.

The possibility of offset printing will allow our clients to cut down expenses by raising the number of copies, all while maintaining a high quality print.

Social Media Management

Being active on social media platforms requires having a deep knowledge of the relative tools and being sensitive to the network’s needs. It’s also important to react quickly to news and keeping up with all the different accounts constantly. Lastly, and more importantly, there needs to be a strong sensibility in capturing the interests and needs of the relevant community.

By following these guidelines we will take care of increasing the brand’s and/or product’s exposure, building a community, curating online relationships with the users (customer service) and managing customers by focusing on the added value that a certain brand wants to convey online.

Web Design

Over 75% of consumers acquire information by surfing the web before purchasing a product or a service and nowadays a good 50% of them utilizes Internet as primary source of commercial information.

Whether you need a brochure website, a complex corporate or e-commerce website, a blog or any other type of web page, we will be able to help you from the moment of its conception to its actual release and management.

SEO Campaigns

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is made up of all the activities aimed to better the placement of a certain website’s pages within major search engines. This is done by categorising said pages by the most strategic key words.

In time we will keep following your journey by constantly working on your placement, updating the blog and guaranteeing traffic on the website through the social media platforms most appropriate to your business.

Advertising Campaigns

Thanks to sponsored ads on designated platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, we can reach the desired target in the right place at the right time. This is done through the use of relevant keywords and/or specific interests.

Through a well-defined algorithm these platforms will charge you exclusively when a customer actively clicks on the ad. By monitoring expenses and results in real time it’s possible to keep our budget always under control.

Support and assistence

Our team won’t just hand you a full package and then “leave you to your own devices”.

We will keep following you by working on your web placement, guaranteeing traffic on your website through social media, and generally always being ready to answer every little request with a smile.


Studio Futuroma offers a number of consultation and assistance services to start-ups and already well established enterprises, to help define and better their business models.

Thanks to expert counsellors’s knowledge and support, our Studio poses as partner for enterprises wanting to participate in calls for funding or grant applications. This is done by backing up the client in redacting their business plan following the strategy proposed by funding bodies and in completing applications, all while supporting them through all the duration of the project.

Web Security

Studio Futuroma offers a number of services aimed to help enterprises build complete solutions for their cyber security. This is done in order to protect apps, data and critical web processes throughout their entire life cycle.

Our job is to ensure that the IT infrastructure of our customers is equipped with the tools and skills aimed to discover, block and remove possible internal or external cyber threats.